UCLL: Exciting News!

BETA Project Exciting News

We are thrilled to share exciting news from the first physical meeting of the BETA Erasmus+ project, which took place in Larissa, Greece. This marked the commencement of the most ambitious and largest project that Open Up has undertaken to date, reflecting our commitment to fostering international collaboration and innovative practices.

The BETA project envisions networking senior care facilities and institutions for the daily care of children, with the ultimate goal of developing and disseminating a new, internationally recognized good practice. The meeting brought together fifteen participants from esteemed institutions such as the University of Belgium UCLL, Munster Technological University of Ireland, the Municipality of Larissa, the educational organization TUCEP of Italy, and the Center for Research and Education SYNTHESIS of Cyprus, with Open Up serving as the project coordinator.

Our Goals in the Kick Off Meeting

Despite global challenges, the Kick-Off Meeting demonstrated the project’s resilience, accommodating remote participation for those unable to attend in person. Facilitated by Mrs. Zeta Tsiga, Open Up’s project coordinator, the participants engaged in constructive discussions, enriched by Mr. Stelios Orfanakis, President and CEO of Open Up, who provided insights into Financial & Contractual rules.

During the session, key Open Up representatives, including Ms. Γιάννα Χατζοπούλου and Ms. Katerina Gkanatsiou, explored organizational aspects of local workshops, LTTAs, and the coordination of all WPs. The meeting established a shared understanding of managerial tasks for each partner institution throughout the project’s duration.

Embarking on this collaborative journey, we are confident that BETA will not only foster innovative practices but also serve as a beacon of international cooperation. Open Up is dedicated to steering the project to success, anticipating impactful outcomes from this collective effort.

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