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“Nonno clicca qui” – Bridging Generational Divides through Digital Literacy

MOIGE’s Italian Parents Movement (Movimento Italiano GEnitori) project, “Nonno clicca qui” (Grandpa click here), fosters intergenerational connections by pairing students from middle and high schools across Italy with grandparents. These students will serve as tutors, teaching their elders the ins and outs of navigating the digital world.

The initiative not only seeks to enhance seniors’ access to online services but also aims to mitigate the risks of online scams by equipping them with the necessary digital literacy skills to discern trustworthy sources on the internet.
The benefits extend beyond just the older generation. Students participating in the project will also gain valuable insights, learning to discern fake news and adopt a more socially inclusive and intergenerationally supportive approach.
The initiative has a twofold objective: first, to bridge the growing generational gap that threatens to isolate the elderly population, who may lack digital literacy skills; and second, to raise awareness about cybersecurity—a topic that is often overlooked in public discourse, yet crucial in today’s digital age.

“Nonno clicca qui” represents an interesting approach for a digitally inclusive society, where individuals of all ages have the knowledge and skills to navigate the online world safely and confidently.

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