Open Up: Bridge the Generational Divide

A Landmark Intergenerational Learning Seminar Emerges in Perugia, Italy

In a world where generations seem increasingly divided, a beacon of hope has emerged: the inaugural Intergenerational Learning Training Seminar, held in the captivating Italian city of Perugia. This groundbreaking event brought together educators and pedagogues from four European Union nations – Belgium, Greece, Italy, and Cyprus – to forge a path towards a more inclusive and harmonious society.

The seminar, held on May 22-26, 2023, marked a crucial step in promoting intergenerational learning, a transformative process of knowledge exchange and skill development that transcends the boundaries of age. As participants immersed themselves in a dynamic program, they discovered the profound benefits of bridging the generational gap: increased understanding, tolerance, and active ageing, while simultaneously cultivating new skills and fostering a sense of community.

The seminar drew inspiration from the inspiring model of “Larissa Learning City,” a UNESCO-recognized initiative that has transformed the Greek municipality of Larissa into a hub of intergenerational collaboration. This success story served as a foundation for the seminar’s innovative educational materials, which were presented through a blend of lectures and hands-on activities.

Part of the Erasmus+ Bridges of Intergenerational Approach (BETA) project, the seminar is a testament to the European Commission’s commitment to fostering global understanding and cooperation. The event’s success paves the way for two additional training cycles, further extending its reach and impact.

As we eagerly await the upcoming iterations of this transformative initiative, let us embrace the promise of intergenerational learning, a powerful tool for bridging divides, cultivating harmony, and shaping a brighter future for all.

Join us in shaping a world where generations come together, not as obstacles, but as catalysts for a more inclusive and prosperous society.

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