CYBERSENIORS: “Bridging Generations: Empowering Seniors through Intergenerational Learning”

During 2023 inspiring initiative took place in the charming village of Lefkara, Cyprus, highlighting the transformative power of intergenerational learning for older adults. The event, organised by Lefkara Municipality, focused on providing seniors with important digital skills, with a focus on smartphone basics, online safety, and practical use of mobile technology.

The training sessions were divided into two thematic modules, with instruction in Greek and translated videos. The initial session, which took place on November 28th, covered smartphone fundamentals and online safety. The subsequent session, held on December 5th, explored the utilisation of applications for different needs.

After a small turnout for the first session, participation increased significantly when a senior home council member joined, which led to senior home employees getting involved in the following session. The municipality and outreach initiatives emphasised the significance of community collaboration in improving digital literacy among seniors through recruitment efforts.

Participants in Lefkara found national banking applications, administration portals, and health applications to be the most resonant subjects. The older adults showed a sincere enthusiasm for incorporating digital tools into their daily routines, proving that age is not a hindrance to embracing technology.

The most popular applications among trainees were those that met their practical needs, with a focus on banking apps and Google tools. Significantly, unnecessary applications were discovered and resolved, guaranteeing a personalised learning experience centred on relevant digital skills.

The accomplishment in Lefkara highlighted the progress made in empowering senior home employees to handle online banking and administrative tasks, allowing them to support residents with their digital requirements. The participants showcased their new skills, highlighting how intergenerational learning can create a more digitally inclusive community.

The training sessions showed that cross-generational learning is beneficial for passing on digital skills and connecting different age groups, creating a strong sense of community and knowledge sharing. Despite facing challenges like attracting participants and balancing varied skill levels, the training had an overall positive impact.

Ultimately, the success story in Lefkara highlights the valuable advantages of intergenerational learning. In addition to gaining digital skills, these programmes encourage a sense of community, connect different age groups, and help older individuals feel more comfortable navigating the digital age. Such programmes have a significant impact on creating inclusive, digitally literate societies, where age is seen as a chance for growth and connection rather than a barrier.

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