UCLL: What Happened in Italy?

Successful Completion Of Beta Project LTTA 1 In Perugia, Italy

We are thrilled to share the successful implementation of the BETA project’s first Learning, Teaching, and Training Activity (LTTA 1), which took place in Perugia, Italy, from May 22nd to 26th. The training of trainers was organized with utmost responsibility under the guidance of TUCEP Perugia, marking a significant milestone in the journey towards developing and disseminating innovative good practices for senior care facilities and institutions for the daily care of children.

The training was a collaborative effort, bringing together participants from various project partner institutions, including the University of Belgium UCLL, Munster Technological University of Ireland, the Municipality of Larissa, and the Center for Research and Education SYNTHESIS of Cyprus, with Open Up as the coordinating entity. The sessions were designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of the project team, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the project’s goals and objectives.

We are pleased to report that the training of trainers was successfully completed, laying a solid foundation for the subsequent phases of the project. TUCEP Perugia played a crucial role in orchestrating the training, fostering an environment conducive to collaborative learning and skill development.

Looking ahead, Munster Technological University will host the next training phase in less than a month, building on the expertise gained in Perugia for BETA’s success. The final culmination is expected in January 2024 in Cyprus under SYNTHESIS, marking the completion of the comprehensive training program.

Reflecting on LTTA 1’s achievements, we’re optimistic about BETA’s continued success. The dedication in Perugia highlights the project’s commitment to international cooperation and sustainable care solutions.

Thanks for your ongoing support, and stay tuned for more updates as BETA progresses.

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