Open Up: Generations Come Together in Larissa

A Journey of Shared Experiences

In the vibrant city of Larissa, Greece, a remarkable transformation is taking place – generations are bridging the gap, creating a tapestry of shared experiences and understanding. This incredible journey is the brainchild of the Municipality of Larissa, who are collaborating with esteemed partners to bring to life the Erasmus+ project “Bridges of Intergenerational Approach – BETA.”

Under the skillful coordination of OPEN UP Greek Scientific Association of Innovation, a diverse group of partners from Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Cyprus, and Greece have joined forces to bring this groundbreaking project to life. The BETA project has already embarked on a series of engaging workshops that have brought together children from the Centres for the Creative Employment of Children (KDAP) and seniors from the Centres for the Open Protection of the Elderly (KAPI).

The journey began with Workshop 1 – Building Bridges, where children and seniors embarked on interactive games, fostering connections and building bridges between generations. The second meeting, Workshop 2 – Connecting Lives, took a deeper dive into intergenerational connections. Children interviewed elderly participants to learn about their life stories and interests, culminating in a joint drawing session that celebrated shared experiences and fostered mutual understanding.

The workshop 3, aptly named The Tree of Life, explored the profound symbolism of the “Tree.” Participants discussed its connection to human life, time cycles, and personal experiences. Seniors and children collaborated to create unique family trees, highlighting the shared roots and experiences that bind them together.

After a brief interlude for Easter celebrations, Workshop 4 – Easter Customs, brought the group together to explore the rich traditions of this special holiday. Seniors shared their memories of Easter from their youth, while children shared insights into modern urban life. Together, they created Easter cards that beautifully bridged the generational gap through creative expression.

Technology took center stage in Workshop 5 – Embracing Technology, challenging the notion that older generations are hesitant to embrace modern advancements. Lina Mousioni, Stella Chouliara, and Maria Pegiou guided participants through this exciting journey, integrating technology into their everyday lives.

The following workshop, Workshop 6 – Portraits and Technology, witnessed a fascinating fusion of art and technology. Participants explored famous portraits online and created their own unique masterpieces, guided by the expertise of Lina Mousioni, Stella Chouliara, and Maria Pegiou.

The most recent workshop, Workshop 7 – Labour Day Celebration, paid tribute to this significant holiday. Lina Mousioni, Stella Chouliara, and Maria Pegiou coordinated a discussion that delved into the meaning of Labour Day, fostering dialogue and understanding among participants of all ages.

The Municipality of Larissa extends its heartfelt gratitude to the community for their unwavering support of the BETA project. The joy on the faces of both the younger and older participants speaks volumes about the success of this initiative in fostering meaningful intergenerational connections.

The BETA project continues to strive to create a lasting impact, bridging generational gaps, promoting inclusivity, and incorporating technology into the lives of seniors. The Municipality of Larissa remains committed to supporting this innovative initiative that celebrates the richness of shared experiences across different age groups.

Embark on this extraordinary journey of intergenerational connection with us as we celebrate the power of shared experiences and foster a brighter future for all. Join us in Larissa and witness the transformation that happens when generations come together!

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