Open Up

Open Up is a Panhellenic Scientific Association, developing their steps since October 2020.
Evident needs and challenges on which Open Up focuses are:
– Achieving and consolidating the digital transition in education and training,
– Sustainability and environmental awareness,
– Internationalization and networking.

The vision of Open Up is to broaden the horizons of adults participating in all types of education (formal, non-formal and informal) and to strengthen their professional profile so that they contribute in a sustainable and prosperous future in the context of democracy and respect for human rights.

Currently, Open Up consists of 38 scientists with various expertise, whose aims are bind to promote innovation in the field of education, business and investment, culture, technology through dynamic cooperation in Greece, Europe and/or America.

Organisation Objectives

– Providing opportunities for professional development and personal development to their members and trainees through education, research, and collaboration,
– Digital education from the level of literacy but also in cutting-edge technologies to promote innovation using the data of 21st century
– Supporting Greek and European citizens to participate in research and efforts that have a positive impact on the daily life of their local and wider community.

During the organisation 3 years of activity, Open Up is involved in 8 European projects as a partner and coordinator, 4 of them in the 2020 call, in the fields of Youth, Adult education and School education. Most of projects aim at digital literacy and inclusion, one of the core priorities of the organisation. Different aspects of digital education are developed like its power to reduce marginalization of immigrants, the elderly and special needs people, combination of ICTs with art, upscaling teachers’ and young entrepreneurs’ skills in the modern digital economy based on the respect of human rights.


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Projects in Education

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