SYNTHESIS Center for Research and Education is a pioneering organisation which initiates and implements projects of social impact, with a focus on social inclusion. SYNTHESIS is the leading organisation in the country in the fields of social entrepreneurship and social innovation. It founded and is managing HUB NICOSIA, an educational centre, and a community of organisations with cultural, environmental, and social aims.

As an adult education provider and an accredited VET institution, SYNTHESIS focuses on the development of training programs, curricula, and that enhance the personal, entrepreneurial and employment skills of people, particularly those who are experiencing or at risk of social exclusion including refugees and asylum seekers, NEET youth, women, senior citizens, youth, and adults with learning or emotional difficulties, people with disabilities, and people with fewer opportunities due to cultural, social, or financial barriers.

Furthermore, SYNTHESIS offers accredited training and develops educational content related to entrepreneurship, sustainable development, global education,human rights, peace and conflict resolution, responsible production and consumption, and sustainable cities and communities, as well as crisis & disaster management, community resiliency and community continuity.

SYNTHESIS is currently delivering an action program for refugees and asylum seekers, consisting of language courses, professional training as well as entrepreneurial and soft skills development. As an intermediate organisation for the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs,” SYNTHESIS offers training and mentoring opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs across Europe.


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