Munster Technological University (MTU) is a multi-campus technological university, contributing to the region through the provision of academic programmes that support student development and opportunities, education and research. MTU has an extensive and impressive regional footprint with six campuses across the South-West region in Cork and Kerry, and a student body of 18,000. The University offers a wide range of flexible full-time, part-time and online higher education courses (at all levels up to and including PhD) in art & design, business, engineering, humanities, music, maritime studies and science & information technology.

MTU has a number of successful research, innovation, knowledge exchange and enterprise engagement centres which have had many notable achievements, and have been successful in attracting Irish, EU and international funding. Among these are the Rubicon Centre, Hincks Centre for Entrepreneurship Excellence, Nimbus and CREATE Research Centres, MTU Extended Campus and the University’s Department of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL).

Since its inception, the Dept of TEL has sought to promote, encourage, augment and apply the use of technology for online and classroom teaching and learning . Not only within the institute itself, but to the greater educational community and to the world at large. This is based on a deeply-held belief which sees the role of technology in education as an egalitarian force to break down personal, social, political and economic barriers. 
In particular, we seek to provide quality education for all students, regardless of physical or geographical disadvantages, or who may be faced with full-time work and/ or caring responsibilities. We are responsible for supporting all MTU’s online programmes which are delivered 100% online via the TEL ecosystem used by all staff and students. This comprises all the digital tools used for supporting and enhancing the different teaching and learning “categories”.

The department of TEL is responsible for providing training and support to all staff and students on how to make the most of the TEL ecosystem.
This includes:
– Live online training which we frequently deliver and which we make available afterwards on our YouTube channel.
– Developing training and support resources for staff and students,
– Design and developing of asynchronous online courses, etc,
– Research topics such as learning analytics, game-based learning, gamification, virtual and augmented reality, etc.

The department of TEL are involved in outreach initiatives focused on providing support for primary and secondary education students and teachers, and groups who face challenges in accessing education.
The role of providing both mainstream services to the university and engaging in exploratory research with other partners has led to a kind of “virtuous circle” as a continuous process of improvement. The skills and expertise help us to inform the exploratory research we engage in, and the outcomes of the research help us to investigate new areas


Full-time & part-time learners







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